Rapid confirmation and serotyping based on DNA technology.

Molecular serotyping discriminates Salmonella serotypes through differences in their DNA sequence. Even non-typable isolates can be assigned to a serotype, thereby offering a greater discriminative power than conventional techniques.

Check & Trace Salmonella is a rapid genetic test based on a microarray platform. Each position on the microarray represents a specific DNA marker associated with a unique Salmonella target sequence. Spots only become visible if the DNA markers exactly match the corresponding DNA sequences of the Salmonella isolate. The combination of present and absent spots yields a pattern.

The Check & Trace Salmonella technology offers strong benefits:

  1. Results within one day.
  2. Simple workflow.
  3. Confirms all Salmonella and identifies over 300 serotypes.

Salmonella contamination found. Where does it come from?

How does it work?

Results within one day

  • Confirm Salmonella presence and serotype from a pure culture with a single test
  • Significantly decrease serotyping lead times
  • Enables quick tracing and elimination of the Salmonella source

Simple workflow

  • Uses equipment available in-house in most microbiology laboratories
  • Easy to implement routinely following a 2-day training course
  • Automated software-based interpretation of results

Confirm all Salmonella and identify over 300 serotypes

  • AOAC-RI certified for 102 serotypes
  • International OIE certification for the 22 serotypes of current and future regulatory significance
  • For a complete list of AOAC-RI and OIE certifications click here
  • Constantly growing number of serotypes detected