Check & Trace Salmonella 1.0

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Proven, industry-leading technology

Check & Trace Salmonella uses proven technology certified by leading industry bodies, including the AOAC Research Institute and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).

  • AOAC-RI certified for 135 Salmonella serotypes
  • International OIE certification for 22 Salmonella serotypes of current and future regulatory significance

View the OIE certification and validation studies here.

Note: The number of Salmonella serotypes identified is constantly expanding as we further develop the database linking the spot patterns to specific serotypes.

Fast and actionable insights

Detect and discriminate over 300 Salmonella types in 8 hours

Innovative and user-friendly solution

Salmonella confirmation and typing in one test

Objective result calling

High-throughput system with patterns automatically interpreted

State of the art

Well validated molecular system that is based on SNPs that have a high informative and high discriminating power.

An easy-to-learn
workflow with results
in 8 hours

The workflow uses standard laboratory equipment already available in most microbiology laboratories. Routine implementation is easy following just one day of training. Automated software supports easy interpretation of results.

Total time per step*

Hands-on time per step*


Equipment required

Sample Prep

  • Heating block
  • Vortex mixer

30 min

15 min


  • Thermocycler
  • Mini-centrifuge
  • Flow cabinet (optional)

Identification &


2 x 15 min


  • Thermocycler (optional)

5.5 h

15 min


  • Thermomixer with active cooling
  • Vortex mixer
  • Mini-centrifuge

1.5 h

6 x 5 min


  • Heating block
  • Vortex mixers
  • Check & Trace tube reader with software
  • Computer with USB drive and internet connection
  • Barcode reader (optional)

5 min

5 min

* Subject to variation depending on the number of samples analyzed. Approximate time for 12 samples.

response time

Same-day response or before the start of your next working day when submitted after business hours (8am-5pm CEST).

In-depth technical support for any issues, including:

  • Sub-optimal array image quality
  • Expert advise to improve workflow and consistency
  • Genovar code (genetic code) not linked to certified serovar result
  • Customer training and troubleshooting online or on-site (by request)