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Precise, rapid and easy-to-use Salmonella tracing of multiple serotypes

NEW! Check & Trace Salmonella 2.0

Save valuable lab time with our new molecular Salmonella serotyping workflow using qPCR multiplexing technology. Get results in under two hours.

Features & benefits

Routine Salmonella checking and tracing in the production chain is the key in preventing outbreaks.

Check & Trace is an essential test in any Salmonella monitoring and control program.

Easy to use

Learn how to use the solution in just one day – specific lab experience not required

Automated result calling

Test results are automatically interpreted by the software and gives a simple readout of the Salmonella serotype, based on a unique profile of genetic markers

Rapid and actionable

Just one test confirms Salmonella presence and identifies multiple serotypes, enabling precise determination of a contamination source to avoid recurrent issues.

Check & Trace Salmonella - see how it works

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Since 2002, our team has innovated to deliver faster, simpler and better molecular detection in food and veterinary diagnostics.



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“Our Salmonella reduction program creates up to 5 % extra sales revenue with a 1st class product (more export opportunities) and improved company image”
"If the slaughterhouse receives Salmonella-free birds from the chain, they are easily capable of producing Salmonella-free products."
"We run our operations with less than 3% Salmonella positives now.’"
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