Check & Trace is a leading DNA testing solution uniquely able to trace the source of Salmonella

Since 2002, Check-Points B.V. have been pioneering innovative DNA testing methods to create faster, more reliable and easy-to-use molecular diagnostics solutions. 

The insights generated with our solutions help fight serious health problems, such as Salmonella and multi-drug resistance, and in turn contribute to our purpose of improving animal and human health. 

Our Check & Trace laboratories and production facilities are located in Wageningen, Netherlands. The solution is used by animal protein producers, microbiology laboratories, and food companies worldwide. 

Developed by Check-Points

In 2021, Check-Points joined forces with INDICAL BIOSCIENCE, a global leader in the development of complete solutions for molecular and immunological veterinary testing. Together, we help to identify, prevent, monitor and eradicate animal diseases.


Our history

We’ve grown and evolved with some of 
the biggest names in the industry

“Our Salmonella reduction program creates up to 5 % extra sales revenue with a 1st class product (more export opportunities) and improved company image”
"If the slaughterhouse receives Salmonella-free birds from the chain, they are easily capable of producing Salmonella-free products."
"We run our operations with less than 3% Salmonella positives now.’"
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