Check & Trace Salmonella 2.0

Instructions for use

Check & Trace Salmonella 1.0

Instructions for use

Research & Whitepapers

Chui et al., (2021)


“Serotyping using Check & Trace Salmonella is rapid and easy to implement in frontline microbiology as well as public health laboratories and is accurate when compared with traditional methods.”

Diep et al., (2019)

Frontiers in Microbiology

“Compared to the traditional method, the Check & Trace Salmonella assay correctly serotyped 97% of the strains.”

Ferrato et al. (2017)

Journal of Microbiological Methods

“With the shift towards molecular methods for identification, Check & Trace Salmonella provides an easy transition and demonstrates ease-of-use and reduces the turnaround time to result significantly compared to classical serotyping.”